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The Year Of The Robin available now

My debut book The Year Of The Robin: Watching It All Go Wrong for Charlton Athletic and the World, was published by Icon on June 9 and is available now.

It's about football - why we love it, why it's important, and how it can do better - as well as family, both my own in the physical sense, and those in the football community who we take into our hearts as if they are our own.

The book charts a fateful year at my own beloved Charlton Athletic Football Club, following the men's team's promotion to the Championship in a blaze of glory at a Wembley play-off final, taking in an unexpected pregnancy (of my own, obvs), and a global pandemic along the way. I talk to key figures at the club, including Lee Bowyer, Lyle Taylor and Alan Curbishley, and in the wider football world to examine the modern game, in general.

I wrote much of it following the birth of my daughter and in the midst of a nation-wide lockdown, and it was a real labour of love to a club and a game I feel passionately about.

Waterstones calls it "poignant, passionate and powerful", while actress, comedian and host of the award-winning Griefcast, Cariad Lloyd, says the book captures "something we can all relate to. Funny and heartbreaking in equal measure. A must read".

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